To Make Anyone Like You, Do This

In this video, I talk about one thing you can do to become more well-liked by people.

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So why should you care if people like you?

Well, in my experience the people who are the most well-liked usually get more of what they want in life. They can make connections more easily, which makes them more successful in getting their dream job or growing their business. They are able to attract friends easily, because people want to be around them more. And they do better in their dating life attracting a romantic partner.

So it makes sense to take a look at how you are coming across to people, and see if you can make some small changes so people will like you more.

One of the things I’ve noticed almost all well-liked people doing is radiating warmth and positivity. In this video, I explain 3 tips that can also help you express yourself in a warm and positive way.

  1. Overcoming the belief that people suck. When you haven’t had many close friendships or good social experiences before, you may start to feel jealous and hostile toward normal people. You get a distorted image that ALL people are more superficial and dumb than they actually are.
  2. Self consciousness makes you painfully aware of everything you say and do. It stops you from being warm and positive because you are too focused on the wrong channels of communication. In the video I explain more and guide you out of self-consciousness.
  3. Deeper blocks. Depression, feelings of shame and unworthiness… often go along with shyness or social anxiety. You cannot get out of these holes by simply “thinking positive,” you have to get rid of the cause of why you feel miserable much of the time. Toxic shame is one of these possible deeper causes.

The reason I’ve started recording videos like this is because I want to develop myself into a better speaker and teacher. Being able to watch myself on video is great practice.

I also get many comments from people are asking me to keep making the videos because they’re useful. I’ve already received over 200 new Youtube subscribers on my channel in the past 2 weeks.

Don’t worry, I’m planning to do one new video a week for the near future. Hopefully they will get better and better. 🙂

Let me know your comments or questions below or on Youtube.

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Sean Cooper

I study all areas of psychology, sharing what works (and what doesn't) for overcoming shyness and social anxiety. After curing my own severe social anxiety I created "The Shyness and Social Anxiety System" to help others. This program has received stunning reviews from psychologists and people like you.

Now it's my life's mission is to help 25,000 people get the confidence, friends and romantic partner you want!

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  • Well done Sean..looks like you’ve graduated from nerd to Alpha Male..shows it can be done..hope I can achieve something similar.

  • So Sean, if you can’t explain how I can improve my expression of warmth and radiate positivity, how did you learn?

  • Dear my fellow peeps,

    When I started high school my social anxiety was bad considering I was in a new school and everything. But trust me this is fricken weird Lol bear with me, I started to analyze people. I watched how they moved and walked, how kids were being stupid making sexual jokes with their friends and what not. It just made me so happy to see people just express their personality with their peers; not giving two shits what other people thought. I practiced being more confident in the hallway, walking straight and having good posture, not bending down looking ashamed. Greeting people in the hallway was a new thing of mine, it actually made me feel better. We as people are always trying to improve ourselves no matter what. You just have to TRY to be better, to improve more one step at a time. Currently, I’m trying to go out more on the weekends with friends to become more social :). Ah also, clothing boosts fricken confidence like you wouldn’t believe…Get clothing that is your trend, be you while wearing your outfit, but dress neat. No one wants to approach someone that doesn’t cater for themselves. My advise is take a step back, just a step and be an observer for a while. Tell me what you see, what do you see in others. They are just like you, they are not better then you, and they are certainly not lower then you. They are your equals. When you realize this, you will not feel judged and criticized.

    Peace out,
    Ginger Fam

  • I just wanted to say thanks for venturing out-writing articles and making this video. You spoke everything that’s in me, too and my whole world has been overtaken by this crap!! So I just wanted to say thank you for being real and honest, a lot of your words will stay with me.

  • Wow! You are probably the the first person that I think actually speaks to me in all my years of social anxiety. Thank you for posting such awesome videos and advice

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