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Free Video: How To Always Know What To Say Next

The Technique In The Video Explained:

What if I told you that the next time you talk to someone, you could talk more easily and effortlessly than ever before, just by applying one simple (but little-known) conversation technique?

This little-known conversation technique is called ‘Conversation Threading’. For years I have been using this technique to make shy and socially anxious people become instantly better at making conversation, once they get the hang of it.

So how does conversation threading work? There are 3 basic steps:

STEP 1: The other person says something.

STEP 2: You notice the threads. Sounds tough, but it’s really easy. Let me explain…

Threads are basically topics or “subject words” inside a sentence. Every sentence has a few of these threads in it.

For example, take the sentence, “I saw Bob at the mall last Saturday.” The threads, or topics, could be Bob, mall and last Saturday.

All threading is, is noticing these topics and then saying something about them, which is…

STEP 3: Pick a thread and respond. So for the last sentence you simply pick one of the topics mentioned and say something about it.

So let’s respond to the threads in the last example:

  • Bob – I tried out for the football team with Bob last year. He made quarterback and crushed all the new guys.
  • Mall – Have you been to the mall lately? I can?t believe they?re closing down the movie theatre to build a new clothing store!
  • Last Saturday – Last Saturday I went camping for a family reunion. I never want to share a tent with my brother again.?

The cool thing is, all of these replies will make the conversation flow smoothly because they relate to what the other person said before you.

Best of all, this simple technique is amazing at eliminating awkward pauses once and for all!

Easy as pie 🙂

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