Improving Your Voice – Lessons From “The King’s Speech” [video]

Have you seen the “The King’s Speech”? If you haven’t then you really should check it out. It’s a great movie.

In this video, I point out some tips from “The King’s Speech” that YOU can use today to improve your voice and overcome any vocal issues you have like stuttering, quietness and quivering.

Hope you like the vid. For more cool tips that help your social skills make sure to take a look at my shyness and social anxiety ebook.

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Sean Cooper

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  • This is interesting as I usually hate the sound of my own voice, and I find nervousness comes right out in my voice when I speak. My voice and mouth dry up and my tone sounds wooden and uninteresting. I feel a lot of times that my voice just doesn’t portray confidence and I feel awkward listening to people and acknowledgement of what they are saying even can be difficult. Also feel like when I am talking no one is listening and people keep interrupting me as if they are not listening and just want people to hear them instead.

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