Does Social Anxiety Go Away On Its Own?

In this video, I talk about if social anxiety lasts forever, and if it gets worse with age.

Back when I had really bad social anxiety, my worst nightmare was that I would be 70 years and STILL feel uncomfortable around people, not knowing what to say, and feeling regret about wasting the best years of my life hiding from people.

Have you ever heard the saying “youth is wasted on the young?” I think it’s doubly wasted on the younger people with social anxiety. (We can only be 100% sure we have this one life, it makes sense to do something interesting with it.)

Now, instead of answering the big question with a “yes” or “no,” I recorded the video above to go into detail about WHY some people get more confident with age, and others don’t. And what you can expect to happen in your future.

So click on my face above now to watch the video.

In the video, I talk about:

  • Why even most “normal” teenagers are awkward and insecure compared to most adults. (And what this means for growing out of your own social anxiety.)
  • Do you ever automatically feel anxiety if someone you find attractive sits down next to you? Here’s why your “automatic reactions” and “inner blocks” that create your social anxiety cannot be overcome with exposure alone.
  • The “negative spiral” of social anxiety that includes depression, loneliness, feeling insecure about your appearance… which makes it so hard to dig your way out of social anxiety… and why “if you’re going through hell, you have to keep going.”
  • And much more…

Watch it, and let me know your thoughts either down below or on Youtube.

Has your social anxiety improved on its own, or have you had to work hard for any change?


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Sean Cooper

I study all areas of psychology, sharing what works (and what doesn't) for overcoming shyness and social anxiety. After curing my own severe social anxiety I created "The Shyness and Social Anxiety System" to help others. This program has received stunning reviews from psychologists and people like you.

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    • Well, it’s like saying “Does fat go away on its own?” No, of course not. If someone has the same habits of eating and exercise, then they will stay fat. The good news is, as I mention at the end of the video, is that it’s possible to change no matter how old you are.

      • You’re right change will happen if you work on new habits. I think the problem is that it takes a certain amount of time before you notice a big change. Sometimes I feel the way Dan feels. It like you work on changing but nobody sees the result and you still get treated as an outcast. Or from your example you could lose 5 pounds but people still make fun of your weight the whole time because you still have a gut. I guess the real question is how do I continue to improve everyday when I just see no noticeable improvement?

  • great video. you are really good at summarising what social anxiety is all about into salient points. not an easy thing to do when you suffer from it as life can often be a malestrom of big feelings swirling around

  • So so glad I typed in the right words to Google and found you. You are saying everything I need to hear right now. Such great advice. Thank you 🙂

  • These days i don’t even want to think about the issue of depression. I live by the silmpe rule suppress everthing! It’s not healthy, and it will come and bite me in the ass sooner or later. But either way, you are adressing the problem which is the right thing to do. It takes real strength to just think about these things, and making a video about it ever more so.

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