Andre Paulson, 24

"I had mostly given up... I'm now much more spontaneous when around others..."
I had mostly given up in attaining any relationship with anyone but my close family. I felt satisfied with the idea of going to work and being alone the rest of the day, doing my own things. I took a good while to get persuaded to buy your product, with so many people looking for ways to make easy money. It becomes easy to disregard the opinions and information available on the net but I eventually decided you were really speaking from experience and that you had the passion to help others. I've gained knowledge that really helps me understand my brain and how it seems to work against itself whenever I feel socially anxious. This knowledge is important as it gives me a general sense of understanding and well-being. I'm now much more spontaneous when around others, I comment and talk to strangers, hop in on conversations and feel more interested in getting to know people. Specifically, I remember when our family were on a little road trip. As the car stopped at a gas station I quickly got greeted by a stranger who took a liking to my beard, I felt oddly calm and responded to him in kind, we probably talked for 30-40 minutes straight about all sorts of things. Whilst he did initiate, I never did shy away from the conversation, feeling pretty good about that. I like your Youtube videos for reaching out and advertising your existence but you may want to tone down the amount of e-mails you send out. I like when you offer new information or share stories but sometimes I feel like you're selling yourself to me when I've already bought into it. It may also be helpful to look into and perhaps highlight possibilities that an individual can have Autism or Asperger's Syndrome which may well be increasing the struggles to fit in socially.

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