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This “Water Bottle Trick” Removes
The Root Cause Of Social Anxiety

Presented by Sean Cooper – The Shyness and Social Anxiety Guy

In The Past Year Alone, Over 1,141 People In 35 Countries Have Gotten Results With The Shyness and Social Anxiety System

aziz gazipura
Dr. Aziz Gazipura
Clinical Psychologist, PhD from Stanford
"You are doing powerful work..."

Thanks for your ongoing support in helping me reach more people. You are doing powerful work in the world that is greatly needed. Keep doing what you're doing and keep being you!

Judi Garland, Psy. D
Judi Garland, Psy. D
Clinical Psychologist in Massachusetts
"On target as well as comprehensive..."

Thanks for doing a great job with the program! I am a therapist, and I’ve seen other social anxiety therapies, and I think you are much more on target as well as comprehensive.

dr todd snyder
Dr. Todd Snyder
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Chicago
"Straight to the point and focused..."

As a clinical psychologist specializing in social anxiety and self-help systems, I was amazed at how well Sean has distilled many of the principles that can actually make a difference for those of us who battle social anxiety. Sean's information is straight to the point and focused on some of the most critical skills for managing shyness and anxiety.

Eduard Ezeanu
Eduard Ezeanu
Professional Communication Coach For 9 Years
"He grasped how to beat it..."

As a former shy, 'invisible' guy myself, I find something fascinating in what Sean teaches in this ebook because you can tell he's been through it, he knows personally what it's like to have shyness and social anxiety, and he grasped how to beat it. The Shyness and Social Anxiety System got me realizing things I wasn't aware of about overcoming shyness.

steven handel
Steven Handel
Psychology Journalist, 300+ Articles Written
"The techniques shared in SSAS work..."

As someone who has read and studied a lot of different systems in psychology and personal development over the past half decade, I can attest that the techniques shared in SSAS work. Sean Cooper clearly understand the factors that influence our thoughts and behaviors, and how we can change these aspects of ourselves to build a more successful social life.

Customer Feedback

(Results vary by individual. You may not achieve similar results.)

Matt, 24
Matt, 24
Novorossiysk Russia
“I became more confident – that’s for sure...”

I’ve always had lots of problems communicating with strangers. My confidence was at a very low level. I always thought what some random people will think about me. I had problems with girls(which I still have, but not as much as before).

Now I’ve made a lot of progress. I stopped caring what others will think, not in every situation of course (like considering running naked down the street).

I became more confident – that’s for sure. I’ve got me a few dates, well they weren’t really successful, but still the fact that I got them was encouraging. Your advices along with your understanding attitude were useful.

Anna, 17
Anna, 17
Middlesbrough, England
“I can start conversations with people I never would have before...”

My biggest problems before were not knowing what to say to people and being too self conscious. When I first saw your system, I was worried that it wouldn’t work and I didn’t want to waste money.

Since reading your information, I’ve started improving my conversation skills and being more spontaneous. I can start conversations with people I never would have before (people more popular than me, etc). I have more confidence and am revealing myself more to people.

Shane Normand, 38
Shane Normand, 38
Fort Worth Texas
“Shy all my life… getting better now...”

My problem was being shy all my life. I was afraid to talk to people and felt uncomfortable all the time. I am now attempting to make conversations with as many people possible. Sometimes i feel like i have the motivation and sometimes i dont. But i am getting better now over time.

Cristal, 21
Cristal, 21
Hollister, California
“Now I enjoy talking to people...”

Before i was really awkward about talking to people and especially with making eye contact. i really hated doing it.

After reading your information i began to see a difference in how i acted. now i want to and enjoy talking to people. i love the website and the fact that i get email alerts when you post a new article

Lauren, 22
Lauren, 22
Edmond Oklahoma
"I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with social anxiety..."

I am a college student studying engineering. It requires a lot of teamwork and working with other people. I noticed that people began to stay away from me. I didn’t really talk to anyone and I knew I was abnormally quiet.

There was a night that I looked around at the other students working. Everyone was paired up and in groups, figuring the homework out. I waited for someone to come up to me. No one did. My heart felt so heavy. I went to my car and cried. I’ve felt loneliness before, but it’s never hurt like it did that time.

On several times I would be in the cafeteria and see other engineering students sitting in there. I hid from them. I was afraid that if I sat with them, I wouldn’t have anything to say.

Your system was the first one that I could completely relate to. I bought it as soon as I heard about it. When you spoke of your past experience with social anxiety, it might as well have been me speaking. It rang true and I couldn’t ignore that.

I think the system is great. It’s a fast read, the ideas and techniques are actually helpful, and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with social anxiety.

The technique that I use the most from your system now is "Conversation Threading." I just didn’t realize that I really did have plenty to say. For example, when I was working on a lab with an assigned partner. We slowly, but surely became friends after that.

John Kaye, 64
John Kaye, 64
(No Photo Provided)
"The section on how to have a conversation was the best part..."

Consider this to be a cautionary story from a 64 year old. Growing up, high school was a horror show but I managed to graduate, barely. My parents always wondered why I spent so much time “hibernating” in my room. As a teenager and adult I was not able to sit in a fast food restaurant and always ate in my car. I had panic attacks in shopping malls and did not go out very often.

Luckily I have some artistic skills and found work as a stained glass artist and photographer. I was able to go from job to job based on recommendations and have never formally had a job interview. Up until 50 years old I knew something was wrong with me but did not know what it was. I was different from many other people and wondered why I couldn’t socialize.

It was about this time that I purchased Sean’s Shyness and Social Anxiety Program. It helped a lot. Sean described what I went through very accurately. His section on how to have a conversation was the best part. At age 63, for the first time in my life, I went to someone’s house to meet socially with a group of people. Sean’s advice on how to converse worked great!

If you are younger please do not wind up like me. Buy Sean’s course and apply what he teaches. I wish his course existed when I was in my 20′s. Your social contacts will approve and probably your income. Especially with social networking it is not what you know, it is who you know. I believe, as Sean does, that Social Anxiety can be overcome.

The younger you start to overcome it the better. In my case I had 50 years of conditioning to overcome. Thank you Sean, it is a great comfort that someone else experienced the same symptoms as me, overcame them and created a product to help other people.

Tammy, 28
Tammy, 28
Sydney, Australia
"Seemed like a scam..."

The website looked a little dodgy. There is so many sites in the similar style. I always avoid them. When I went to buy it from my computer the pages you had to keep clicking through, and I worried it seemed like a scam. I only continued with the purchase because a friend had bought it already and said it was good.

The system is great and the cost is good too! I have been practicing your techniques and have had a number of pleasant conversations already because of this.

Ask T. Borgen, 25
Ask T. Borgen, 25
Kongsberg, Norway
"Got the job in my last job interview..."

I used to be very shy around other people, even people I had known for a long time. It was hurting my career, as a musician.

I have only used your information for a short time, but I already notice I am more confident now. One specific situation was that I got the job in my last job interview, cause I was able to be more calm and confident.

Andre Paulson, 24
Andre Paulson, 24
Geithus, Norway
"I had mostly given up... I'm now much more spontaneous when around others..."

I had mostly given up in attaining any relationship with anyone but my close family. I felt satisfied with the idea of going to work and being alone the rest of the day, doing my own things.

I took a good while to get persuaded to buy your product, with so many people looking for ways to make easy money. It becomes easy to disregard the opinions and information available on the net but I eventually decided you were really speaking from experience and that you had the passion to help others.

I've gained knowledge that really helps me understand my brain and how it seems to work against itself whenever I feel socially anxious. This knowledge is important as it gives me a general sense of understanding and well-being.

I'm now much more spontaneous when around others, I comment and talk to strangers, hop in on conversations and feel more interested in getting to know people. Specifically, I remember when our family were on a little road trip. As the car stopped at a gas station I quickly got greeted by a stranger who took a liking to my beard, I felt oddly calm and responded to him in kind, we probably talked for 30-40 minutes straight about all sorts of things. Whilst he did initiate, I never did shy away from the conversation, feeling pretty good about that.

I like your Youtube videos for reaching out and advertising your existence but you may want to tone down the amount of e-mails you send out. I like when you offer new information or share stories but sometimes I feel like you're selling yourself to me when I've already bought into it.

It may also be helpful to look into and perhaps highlight possibilities that an individual can have Autism or Asperger's Syndrome which may well be increasing the struggles to fit in socially.

Michael Koestler
Michael Koestler
Chicago, USA
"We spent the whole night dancing and kissing..."

I was having trouble making friends. My anxiety was never severe to the point of not being able to leave my house, but it still prevented me from forming friendships and relationships with women. Most of my social connections were through my brother and I wanted more independence so that I didn't have to play second fiddle.

Purchased the program the night I found it. It definitely helped me, though you sometimes complain about your parents too much in it.

I made a new male friend at a bar by my place. We went skateboarding downtown together the next day and kept in touch for another couple of weeks until he moved away for his job. I have also begun meeting girls at bars and online. I met up with one girl I met online and we spent the whole night dancing and kissing, things I've really never been able to do before.

Brent, 24
Brent, 24
Wadena, MN
"Getting help from someone who lived through social anxiety made a HUGE difference..."

I had paralyzing social anxiety that prevented me from nearly all (public, at least) social contact.

I was skeptical at first simply because it seemed too good to be true. I needed the problem to improve so I took the risk as soon as I was able.

I'm not paralyzed in fear to enter social situations anymore. I know that I appear much more calm than I did - my doctor mentioned how huge of a difference there was between the session before I started the program and the next session (when I was pretty far in the program). I'm extremely grateful for how much you helped me.

Just thank you again for all the help you provided with this program. I'm sure many, many people will have their lives improved from this program. Getting help with social anxiety from someone who lived through it themselves made a HUGE difference.

You do come off slightly abrasive to someone who is looking to be with one person my whole life. Felt like you feel being with multiple people romantically/sexually is the "right" thing to do. Some people (myself included) disagree.

Ingeborg P.
Ingeborg P.
"My friends asked me how the heck I managed to look so relaxed up there..."

I was always seen as The Shy Girl, who got questions like "You don't talk much do you? It's easy, just say something random." But it was hard. And in the end I got sick of listening to others having fun chatting in a group of friends, whilst I sat there nervously laughing every now and then. It made my self-esteem even worse.

I believed people would not accept the real me, including all the "flaws" that I consist of. Surprisingly, it turned out that the root of my problem was believing that I was not good enough. Resulting in quietness around new people, struggled to hold eye contact with guys I found attractive, teachers constantly telling me to speak up and awkward silence during presentations when my mind suddenly went blank.

I actually knew about your system for half a year before doing anything about it. I guess I did not buy it sooner because of laziness (that it had not gotten bad enough) and that it kind of seemed silly to buy a self-help book for my shyness when there are so many people in this world with so much larger issues. Did not realise until after how badly it messed up my life.

I like how straight forward and precise your system is. I am definitely more comfortable with myself now. Of course, there are still situations where I don't know what to say, but my comfort zone is gradually being pushed 🙂

In fact, just yesterday I told a friend about something that had been troubling me for a long time. We are quite close friends now, and I did not even know her before buying The System!

In addition to that, I am proud to say that I have been on my first date ever. The conversation did not flow perfectly, I was terribly nervous and it did not end with a magical kiss. Nevertheless, those are mere details considering that I had trouble saying anything at all to an attractive guy in the past. So proud 🙂

School is also an area I've changed. Presentations have become a whole lot easier, using your anxiety reducing techniques to eventually make my voice come out louder and clearer. During my last presentation I even made my classmates laugh by cracking some jokes, and my friends asked me how the heck I managed to look so relaxed up there. Thank you, Sean! 😀

I'd like to say that you, Sean Cooper, are my role model. It's hard to imagine how many and how terrifying exposures you have gone through to get where you are now. I truly admire your willpower to overcome your anxiety. Hope you realise how grateful people across the globe are for the information being shared with us, so we don't have to figure it out the way you did. Thank you for changing my life as well.

Jerry, 27
Jerry, 27
Sparta, Greece
"It's helping me to change my thinking bit by bit..."

I was very quiet around everyone, including my family. I rarely ever went out and always thought something was wrong with me, until I read the Shyness and Social Anxiety System. Then I finally knew why I acted and thought the way I did.

I literally bought it around an hour after I found out about it. Pretty much had everything I could ask for knowledge on.

It's helped me become a little less shy, though it's still a work in progress with a long way to go. It's helping me to change my thinking bit by bit, and helping me to see that people aren't as scary or as judgmental as I thought. Now I'm more comfortable with holding eye contact with most people.

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