Social Circle From Scratch

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And A Social Circle, Starting From Nothing”[/typography]

Here’s How To GUARANTEE You’ll Finally Get
Friends, Confidence and Romance in 2014
…Even If You’ve Always Been An Antisocial Loner!

socialconf1Have you decided what you want to change in your life for 2014?

Some people decide to lose weight, some people want to quit smoking, and some people want to start a business or earn more money.

But if you’re anything like I was, then the one thing you probably wish you could fix more than anything, is…

Your Social Life!

Did you know that scientific studies have found that your personal relationships determine your happiness more than anything else? (I’ll show you proof in just a minute…)

So if you are a loner then you could be smart, successful and rich … and you’ll still feel depressed and unfulfilled!

On the other hand, have you ever seen poor kids in Africa who look happy dancing in the desert? It’s because they have a sense of connection and belonging.

It’s just a fact of life: we need to be around other people. Even quiet introverts need friends. We need to feel connected. To feel we belong. To have people to share jokes with … to share life with.

It’s easy to try to deny this fact. I know I did for many years. I told myself that “I didn’t really like being around other people.” I told myself that popular people were shallow.

But deep down I knew I wasn’t being completely honest with myself. When I logged onto Facebook and saw all the people smiling and having a good time … Going to parties and enjoying themselves … I felt a little jealous. I knew I wanted what they had. I just didn’t know how to get there.

I Spent Years Being A Loner
With No Friends and No Social Life

Sure, I managed to keep busy with time-wasting websites, video games and other distractions. Often I felt content. I told myself I was comfortable this way. That change was too difficult.

But every once in a while I would think back and feel regret.

I’d remember my high school years spent quietly avoiding people and keeping to myself. I’d remember being halfway through college and realizing I had made basically no friends. I’d remember that I still hadn’t kissed a girl or had a girlfriend.

Quietly, these regrets ate me up inside. Sometimes I tossed and turned in my bed at night thinking of all the time I’d lost. I started to doubt whether I was living my life correctly.

The truth is…

There’s Nothing Worse Than
Feeling Like You’re Wasting Your Life!

That’s why I want 2014 to be different for you.

When this year is over, I want you to look back with pride, not regret. By this time next year, I want you to remember all the new memories you made. All the new friends you have. All the interesting and exciting things you did.

Let’s not have another year of sitting at home. Feeling lonely and isolated. Keeping busy with pointless activities.

Let’s focus on what matters.

It’s something that most people know, but few are willing to admit. You KNOW that if you just had friends you would automatically feel better about yourself. You would feel more confident around people. You would feel like you have nothing to hide from them. You would stop feeling nervous and uncomfortable. You would be able to finally attract that girl or guy you like. (Who wants to date a loner?)

In fact, having social connections would actually even make you healthier and let you live longer! Here’s scientific proof of this:

Social connection improves physical health and psychological well-being. One study showed that lack of social connection does greater damage to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure.

On the the flip side, strong social connection leads to a 50% increased chance of living a longer life. Social connection strengthens our immune system, helps us recover from disease faster, and may even lengthen our life. People who feel more connected to others have lower rates of anxiety and depression.

– Emma Seppala, Ph.D
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So there’s no doubt that having more friends and closer connections with people would improve your life in incredible ways.

The only problem is…

How Do You Go From Where You Are
To Where You Want To Be?

Back when I started out, I had so many questions I didn’t know the answer to. Questions like:

  • How and where can I actually meet new people without fear?
  • Why does it seem like nobody ever makes an effort to invite me to things or be my friend?
  • How do ‘normal’ people make friends?
  • What are friends supposed to do together? What would we even talk about?

And so on…

It took a long time to figure out exactly how to get a social circle from scratch, make people like and respect me, and permanently change my personality. I had to read dozens of books about the subject. I made hundreds of awkward mistakes in real life. I probably spent thousands of hours figuring it all out for myself.

And now I’m going to share all my secrets with you for practically nothing.

Introducing Your Shortcut To
A New Social Personality For 2014

Traditionally, the start of a new year means the start of new year’s resolutions. This is the time of year that most people decide to make a big change in their lives. To make this year different than the past.

More gym memberships are bought in January than in any other month. Cigarette sales take a huge hit. And self help authors and coaches get some big fat pay checks, too.

Now, I’m not really a self help author. I’m just a guy who struggled with social anxiety for most of my life.

So instead of raising my prices at this time of year (which is what I really should do), instead…

I’m going to offer you some life-changing information at a special one-time-only discount for the New Year.

I decided, why not take advantage of this annual improvement craze to provide you with some information that can actually transform your life? If you do choose to improve this year, then I want to show you how.

This manual has been selling as a bonus with my “Shyness and Social Anxiety System” for the past couple of years and it’s called…

Social Circle From Scratch

The information inside this short 41-page manual will reveal to you the secrets you never learned growing up about making friends and building a social life.

One of the reasons you may not have a good social life is simply because you don’t know what to do! Listen, it’s not your fault…

Nobody ever taught you what to do in order to make people like you and magnetically attract friends. Nobody ever showed you the few simple secrets most social people take for granted that allow you to become well-liked and popular.

These are things you can’t learn unless you already have some friends who are very social. Otherwise it’s impossible to try to figure them out “from the outside.”

This report will present you with the missing pieces of knowledge you need to finally get the friends you want and build a social circle.

Here’s Some Of What Else
You’ll Learn Inside:

  • A step-by-step plan anyone can use to build a social circle from scratch. (This works even if you have no friends right now and don’t have the courage or desire to approach new people.) – pg. 21
  • Have you ever wanted to know EXACTLY what a naturally social person would say when making a phone call, sending a text message, or asking to be invited somewhere? In this report I show you word-for-word scripts you can use in these situations to come across as someone who is already popular. You just have to repeat what I’ll tell you to say. – pg. 17
  • Do you think you need to already have friends to make friends? I’ll show you an easy way to get around the problem of “having no friends” so you can go out and meet people without worrying about them finding out that you have a lonely, uninteresting life. – pg. 6
  • “People like people who are xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, have xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and are able to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. If you are constantly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, then you will repel them.” – pg. 5
  • What to do when you mess up a conversation, or act awkward or weird, to avoid making the situation worse. – pg. 8
  • Why no one ever invites you out. Believe it or not, it’s NOT because they don’t like you. You just have to make them see you as a potential friend first, and I’ll show you the easiest way to do this. – pg. 10
  • A little-known technique to get yourself into a “social mode” quickly. This will allow you to avoid being awkward and uncomfortable talking to someone … even if you’ve sat at home all day. – pg. 14
  • 8 ways to strike up a conversation with anyone. I’ll show you a few simple techniques which will flood your brain with interesting conversation starters that almost never lead to rejection. (Best of all, they are flexible enough to work in almost any situation and you don’t need to memorize any lines to use them.) – pg. 15
  • How to tell when someone is open to being approached. Once you know the right signs to look for, you’ll be able to only talk to the people who are almost guaranteed to be open and friendly to you. – pg. 19
  • Avoid making these 3 huge mistakes in the way you think about building a social life that are EXPOSING your current isolation and loneliness to potential friends. You need to stop doing these things which are making everyone believe you’re a sad loner. – pg. 7
  • The secret website I use that lets you to meet people with similar interests to you in just a few clicks. Best of all, these people are actively LOOKING for new friends too, so they will probably do all the work of getting to know you, inviting you out to places, and introducing you to all their other friends. – pg. 22
  • Do you secretly like a girl or guy you barely talk to? If there’s someone you’re attracted to at school or work, then this sneaky little trick will allow you to get their phone number smoothly and without any awkwardness. They won’t even know that you’re attracted to them because you’ll have a believable “excuse” for getting their number! – pg. 26
  • When making plans, avoid saying these deadly words that make you sound timid, lame, weak and unsure of yourself. This is a mistake I see 99% of my students making. – pg. 26
  • Do people never make an effort to stay in touch with you? If people seem to forget about you and don’t keep in contact with you, it’s probably because you’re forgetting to do this one very important thing. – pg. 28
  • How to handle questions like “what are you up to this weekend?” or “what did you do last night?” Instead of awkwardly trying to lie about what you did, I’ll show you how you can use these questions to become “real friends” with people. This is something most socially successful people do automatically… – pg. 30
  • This 7 word phrase gets other people to invite you to their parties and activities. Once you learn this phrase, you’ll never have to worry about inviting people to your own house for things … you can just tag along to what other people are already planning! – pg. 31
  • The 8 most common activities people do when spending time with each other. If you’ve ever been confused about what “normal” people do when hanging out or where you should invite someone to go, then this list will be a life-saver. – pg. 33
  • How to make people love spending time with you even if your life is boring and uneventful. You just have to tap into the psychology of what people are looking for in a friend. – pg. 37
  • Don’t know what to talk about? Here’s a simple way to get the pressure off of you to be talking all the time when spending time with someone. This technique also allows you to avoid awkward silences and builds a close family-like bond between you two. – pg. 38
  • How to finally get off your butt and start living life in the best and most fulfilling way possible. (Forget willpower, discipline or motivation. Here’s a secret that all people who have ever successfully lost weight have used to change their lives. This secret will allow you to finally get the friends you want and break your old negative habits in life.) – pg. 40

Now You May Be Wondering
“So … What’s The Price?”

As you can see, I’ve filled this manual with all the information you need to get friends and build a social life. These will affect your happiness more than almost anything else in life. More than buying some new fancy clothes, a new tech gadget, or even a nice car.

That being said…

How much is a feeling of connection, belonging and friendship worth to you?

Most people would say it’s priceless. This manual will teach you how to fulfill your most basic human need, after food and shelter of course.

Listen, when you purchase this manual, you’re not paying for the amount of pages it has in it. You’re paying for the result you get when you learn and apply the information.

If I wanted to, I could create a video course using the information inside this manual and charge at least $100 for it. Instead, I decided to condense everything into a short manual that you can read in just an hour or two.

And if I wanted to, then I could charge at least $20 for this manual. There are people selling ebooks out there for $30 and $40 about this topic. Remember, there are so many people out there who need this information and will gladly pay that much to get a social life.

Instead, I’ve decided to do something a little crazy.

Because it’s the beginning of the New Year, and this is the time when most people decide to make changes and improve their lives … I’ve decided to let you get a copy of this manual for just…


That’s right. Just $5. No other charges. No strings attached.

And if that isn’t enough…


This Offer Won’t Be Up For Long

If I were you, I would take advantage of this crazy New Year’s offer as soon as you can. Before I start thinking like a normal person and decide I need to actually make some money.

Just click this big “Add To Cart” button below and fill out your payment information on the next page. Once your payment is processed, you’ll be able to download and read the manual instantly.

So click this button now. I look forward to helping you.


Sean Cooper

P.S. What path will you choose in life? To continue down the same road you’re on now? Or to take a new direction? Keep in mind that not doing anything is also a choice. You’re making the decision to be passive, and I think that’s actually the riskier choice.

When you decide to do nothing, then there’s no chance of getting better. I want to motivate you to do something. Anything. What if you wake up 5 years from now and nothing’s changed? You ARE going to get older. That’s a fact. The only question is … will you look back with regret? Or might your life take a new direction?