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FREE 30-Minute Private Coaching Session
With Sean Cooper ($150 Value)

(Only 20 Spots Available – Act Now!)

Hey, it’s Sean. Here’s what this is all about:

I’ve decided to offer a FREE one-on-one 30-minute coaching session to a limited number of people who have bought my system in the past.

Basically we will talk together on the phone and work on your specific challenges when it comes to getting confidence, friends and/or romance. You will have complete and direct access to my years of experience with shyness and social anxiety.

Here’s Some Of The Problems I Can Help You Solve:

Conversation and Social Skills
Do you have trouble talking to someone you don’t know well? How about speaking up around groups of people? Do you wish you could talk to anyone about anything and have it be interesting? Do you want to stop being the quiet person who rarely says anything? Then I can definitely help you out.
Overcoming Anxiety and Nervousness
Do you feel nervous, tense and “on edge” around people? Is your social anxiety making you feel worn out and stressed? Do you just wish you could be comfortable and relaxed around people? I’ve studied all the latest psychology for overcoming anxiety and can help you quickly overcome these issues, too.
Attraction, Dating and Relationships
Not too long ago I was a virgin who had never kissed a girl. I had never even had any girl show any real interest in me! In the past couple of years I’ve SOLVED how to overcome shyness around girls, and can teach you to do it, too. (Honest note: If you’re female and looking for dating advice, then I can’t help you that much.)
Confidence and Self Esteem
Want to feel good about yourself, overcome your insecurities for good, and truly become comfortable in your own skin? Think about how much your dating, social and professional life would improve if you were able to speak with concrete confidence. Fortunately, I’ve studied everything in this area as well, and can help you.
Getting Friends and a Social Life
Do you want to have some people to share laughs with … to share life with? Having friends is not about drinking, parties and loud clubs. It’s about finding people you connect with, who share your interests. If you want to stop feeling lonely, and stop feeling like life is passing you by, then I can hold your hand and show you exactly what you need to do.


Here’s Exactly What We’ll Achieve In Your Free Session:

During the “Double Your Confidence Coaching Session” we will work together to…

  1. Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of friends, confidence and romantic relationships you want to achieve this year.
  2. We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with being confident socially, making friends and being interesting in conversations.
  3. You’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to take consistent action in overcoming your shyness or social anxiety so that you can finally have the social success that you’ve always wanted.

Is This Right For You? Here’s Who Should (And Who Shouldn’t) Apply

  • If you are ready to make rapid progress in your social confidence, conversation skills and life relationships, then this is for you. This is not for people who want to spend years reading and learning information, but then not doing anything with it.
  • If you are willing to take a lot of action to achieve your goals in overcoming shyness or social anxiety, then this is for you. This is for people who need direction, specific steps and advice that works, not people who are looking for a magic pill that will fix them overnight with no effort.
  • If you are over 18 years old, and have a job or career that could benefit from improved communication skills, then this is for you. (Sorry, if you are under 18 then I cannot do this session with you.)

“Why Are You Doing This For Free?”

There are two reasons why I’m offering you this free session;

  1. First, I’d like to get to know my audience better. By speaking to you and other people one-on-one, I’ll get a clear idea of the types of articles and products I should create in the future to address the biggest issues of shy and socially anxious people. So you’re helping me out here.
  2. Second, I’m looking for private paying coaching clients. Although this is a no-obligation session, one of our goals will be to find out if we’re a good fit to work together in the long term.


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“I Want To Do This, But I’m Nervous”

Listen, I understand that you may KNOW right now that this session would help you a lot, but you still feel very nervous about signing up. You may be worried about sounding nervous when we talk or not knowing what to say. Or maybe you want to avoid talking about some area of your life completely.

It’s perfectly understandable that you feel this way. But here’s a couple of points to consider…

First, we’ll be using audio only (no webcam). This puts a lot less pressure on you.

And second, it doesn’t matter if you sound anxious or awkward when talking to me. Why? Because these are the issues we’re going to work together to solve!

In fact, I’m going to assume that everyone I speak to is going to feel nervous, and I have specific techniques to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed talking to me. And I’ll be careful about the questions I ask to make sure I don’t ask you to reveal too much about yourself, too soon.

And one more thing… If we’re talking and you start feeling too anxious, then you have my full permission to hang up any time you want, even for no reason. I will not feel offended. Remember — I know what it’s like to have severe social anxiety. Just email me after and tell me that your feelings got the better of you.


Although I have studied shyness and social anxiety for years, and am one of the world’s experts on how to overcome these issues, I want to make something clear: My coaching is not a substitute for a therapist.

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