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When You Have Shyness Or
Social Anxiety
, You’re Afraid Of
People Knowing The Truth

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Sean Cooper’s advice is read by over 30,000 people every month online. He is now known as “The Shyness and Social Anxiety Guy,” a voice for those of us who struggle with talking to people, making friends or even picking up the phone or getting outside the house.

Alone on a Saturday night, aimlessly surfing the internet.

For years that’s what I called my social life. And if that sounds miserable and depressing to you, that’s because it was:

  • I had no real friends. Literally nobody I talked to or saw regularly outside of school or work.
  • I had no idea how to keep a conversation going with most people, especially if I didn’t know them well. I’d always run out of things to say or have my mind go blank, which led to really awkward silences. What did people actually talk about every day!?
  • In fact, I was always the shy, quiet one in any group conversation. The one who stood at the edge of the group and never said a word. Usually people would forget that I was even there, like I was invisible or something! (I was secretly jealous of all those LOUD people who never really had anything intelligent to say, that made socializing look so easy and enjoyable.)
  • Meanwhile I couldn’t even look people in the eye or even go outside my house without feeling incredibly nervous, tense and on edge. My armpits would be drenched in sweat just going to the grocery store.
  • I was also very self-conscious and insecure about how I looked. Corny as it sounds, I never really felt “good about myself.”

Needless to say, I was always ignored by girls I liked, who held hands with the more popular and confident guys. No girl ever seemed interested in me and I didn’t know what to say to girls I liked. So I kept being a kiss-less virgin all throughout high school and into university, fantasizing about someday having a girlfriend.

And even though my mom told me I’d “grow out of shyness,” it just seemed to be getting worse as I got older.

To Be Honest, All I Ever Wanted
Was To Be A “Normal” Person
With A “Normal” Life…

Getting invited to parties without feeling scared. Having friends that I could laugh and do interesting things with. Having a girlfriend I could cuddle and feel close to.

Was that too much to ask?

In reality, the people who I sometimes talked to at school or work never actually invited me anywhere. And they made me feel self-conscious by saying things like “Why are you so quiet?” or “Your face is red”… embarrassing me in front of many people.

Even worse… My parents took advantage of my lack of confidence to bully me into doing everything they wanted. From forcing me to study for a career I had no passion for… to sweating in front of a hot grill 10 hours each summer day working at their fast food restaurant… to humiliating me by always asking me questions like: “when are you going to get a girlfriend?”

And Don’t Even Get Me Started
On All The Weird Stuff I Did
Just To Avoid People…

In my first year of of university I was going to the University of Ottawa. That’s in the capital city of Canada. I lived in the dormitories, in a little room with about 15 other students on the same floor.

Big mistake.

There was always so many people in the hallways, that I was afraid to leave my room, even if I needed to go to the bathroom really badly. I would hold my pee in for a very long time until the coast was clear.

One Friday night I was sitting in my room in the dark. It was raining hard outside. I could hear muffled music, loud drunken voices, and the laughter of girls echoing through the hallway. This meant there was a party on my floor.

I was terrified of parties. So I had shut off the lights in my room and was being totally quiet so they wouldn’t think I was inside.

Even when their drunken voices came to my door and someone started banging loudly on my door calling my name, I ignored it.

Well after a good several hours of hiding from them and holding my pee in, I was starting to get very uncomfortable. I regretted that I’d drunk a lot of water before which was slowly making its way through my body.

I Really Needed To Pee…

Every time I almost got up the courage to go to the bathroom, I’d suddenly hear footsteps pounding past my door which made me jump back in terror.

I couldn’t let them see me now, they would ask where I’d been.

Finally, the pressure got to be too much. I’m really ashamed to admit this, but I grabbed an empty water bottle, unscrewed the lid and I finally… relieved myself.

Then I put the bottle under my bed and thought “Wow, this is so damn weird.”

In that moment I felt like I had become a crazy person. I was hiding in my room and peeing in a bottle…and there was an open bathroom just outside my door!

But that was nothing compared to what happened to me a couple days later. My parents, who lived 1 hour away from my university, decided to visit me on Sunday to drop off some food. They came up to my room and after we hugged they remembered they’d forgotten a book for me in their car, so I offered to run downstairs and get it.

And it was just as I left my room with both my parents still inside that I realized I had left the bottle (yes, that one)… still under my bed. Completely exposed.

Suddenly I felt my hands and my whole body turn cold and sweaty. I felt my heart hammering through my chest. And I felt a my stomach twisting from the inside.

If They Saw That Bottle,
I Would Die Of The Shame,
Embarrassment and Humiliation

I panicked and started running towards their car, hoping I could get back to my room before they looked underneath the bed.

The reason why I’m telling you all this is because:

That was the day that I made the most important decision of my life.

It was right in those most uncomfortable moments that I decided something HAD to change. I realized over years I’d been slowly getting used to keeping to myself and living this way. I had distracted myself from reality with movies, games and websites. But at that moment I saw how bad my life really was, and that it was just going to get worse if I did nothing.

Was This What My Whole Life
Was Going To Be Like?

Hiding from people and acting like a crazy hermit?

Growing old without friends or doing anything interesting with my life?

I suddenly felt sick imagining myself 70 years old, still nervous and scared of running out of things to say when I talked to people.

That was the day I promised myself:

I Would Do Whatever It Took
To Cure My Social Anxiety

In the beginning I didn’t really expect to find anything important, but I was desperate… So I started doing research.

  • I snuck out to the university library where I ripped apart textbooks from many different areas of psychology and cutting edge therapies.
  • I learned from the world’s leading experts on self esteem, confidence, dating and conversation skills.
  • I studied both professional speakers and pick up artists… both charismatic Hollywood acting teachers and calm Buddhist monks.

I spent many months, morning to night, trying to find the solution to shyness and social anxiety. Looking in every hidden corner of human knowledge. Trying to figure out how to stop being so shy, awkward and quiet in conversations.

It Wasn’t Easy, But You Know What?
It Was Worth Every Second!

I was more surprised than anyone when I found myself becoming more outgoing, talkative and even confident in conversations.

I stopped being that quiet guy who never talked much. I no longer feel self-conscious, tense or nervous going outside my home, even in crowded places.

In fact, because of the techniques I found, I actually feel GREAT before going to a romantic date, busy party or work meeting.

My phone lights up just about every day with friends who invite me out to do things, so I no longer sit at home looking at other people’s Facebook photos feeling depressed and left out. People also make an effort to stay in contact with me now, which feels great.

And after years of never having any girls show interest in me, I finally kissed a girl and lost my virginity. In a few months I had a loving, caring girlfriend. You know how women’s magazines always say the #1 thing they are attracted to is confidence? I can say from experience that this is 100% true.

Getting rid of my social anxiety also allowed me to quit the job I hated, and I started a business that gives me total freedom. In fact, I’ve spent months traveling through Asia, India and South America… visiting the Amazon jungle, having crazy adventures, and making friends along the way.

None of this would have been possible if I was still trapped in the prison of social anxiety.

And my old so-called “friends” and family who used to take advantage of my social anxiety to feel superior and get what they wanted are simply shocked. Now I’m the one in control, and I bet they wish they had been nicer to me when they had the chance.

These days I live a life without constant anxiety, without social awkwardness, without loneliness…

Yet I Haven’t Forgotten What It’s Like
To Have Shyness or Social Anxiety…

And I had discovered techniques so new and groundbreaking, that I knew they would change the lives of people with shyness or social anxiety forever.

And after I suddenly became much more socially confident and outgoing, one of my more shy friends JP saw my Facebook photos and new girlfriend.

So he came to me and asked “What happened to you man?”

JP had always been a guy who got left out at school and kids made fun of him for no reason. We used to get along because we were both ‘unpopular’ kids. Now that he was older, he struggled in dating because of his painful shyness and social awkwardness, and his louder coworkers made him feel small at work.

To be honest, I felt bad for JP, and I could still relate to most of his issues.

So I explained to him how I had spent months reading books and researching psychology, and that…

I Discovered How To Eliminate
Of Shyness or Social Anxiety

And he said: “You have to teach me everything you learned!” So even though I never really wanted to be a teacher, JP became my first student.

I told him:

“JP, when you have a blank mind or don’t know what to say to someone, or when you feel your heart beating fast at before talking to a big group of people, or when you automatically become nervous and awkward around someone you find attractive or intimidating like an authority figure…

All of this is caused by the ‘fight or flight response’ in your brain being mis-programmed.

As I told this to JP, I could see his eyes getting wider as he nodded for me to continue.

“Now, what if I told you I stumbled upon research that showed me how to reprogram the way your ‘fight or flight response’ works, using cutting edge science to permanently turn off the shy or socially anxious part of your brain?

“As strange as this sounds, this really is possible now. You see, a few years ago a Nobel prize-winning scientist named Torsten Wiesel discovered something called ‘Neuroplasticity.’ This means your brain is like plastic because you can change the way it works, not just in childhood but even into old age.”

“So I took Dr. Wiesel’s breakthrough discovery of Neuroplasticity, combined it with different psychology and conversation techniques, and figured out how to change the way I felt and acted around people. I figured out a process to ‘turn off’ the shy or socially anxious part of your brain. Not just make you feel a bit better, but turn it off permanently like you would turn off a light switch… without the usual self help books, drugs or therapy.”

After I’d spend a few more hours with JP, teaching him my step-by-step process, and seeing him quickly begin to come out of his shell too, I realized there’s hundreds of thousands of other people all over the world who struggle with shyness or social anxiety.

People like you, who are silently hoping that someone will show you the pathway out of your problems.

So I Made It My Mission To Help
25,000 People All Over The World
Eliminate Shyness or Social Anxiety

First, I took the best techniques I’d discovered and put them together into a step-by-step system. A System for overcoming shyness or social anxiety in the quickest and most effective way possible.


  • If you want to stop feeling nervous, awkward and self conscious around people…
  • If you want to always know what to say in conversations and avoid awkward silences,
  • If you want to get a more interesting life, with friends and a fulfilling romantic relationship…

Then THIS is your answer:

It’s called “The Shyness and
Social Anxiety System”

shyness and social anxiety systemI’ve stolen the best little-known psychology and conversation techniques from many different expert sources. And I’ve put them together in a way that is simple and straightforward.

My System is the only one that targets the REAL BIOLOGICAL CAUSE of your shyness or social anxiety (the fight or flight response) … so you get fast, noticeable and permanent changes to the way you feel and act around people. It’s almost like turning off the shy or socially anxious part of your brain, like turning off a light switch.

This WILL work for you no matter how bad your shyness or social anxiety is, how old you are, how you look like, and even if you’ve been this way all your life.

Best of all, you’ll be learning from me directly, someone who has personally struggled with severe social anxiety, so you can be sure you’ll get detailed instructions for exactly what you need to say and do in social situations to overcome your biggest problems.

And just in case you’re suspicious the advice in my system is the same as most of the useless self help books out there… full of boring stories and unclear advice like “fake it til you make it” … Let me assure it’s not.

You won’t hear the same parroted self help tips in this program that you’ve already heard before. You also won’t hear my “theories” about what works. I’m only going to give you simple, reliable techniques with specific instructions for what to do and when. These techniques have been tested on myself and now hundreds of my clients and proven to work in real life time and time again. I guarantee you won’t find 99% of this knowledge in any other book or course or for free on the internet.

And best of all, The System is a digital audio program that you can download and listen to on any MP3 player or on your computer. This means you can learn everything I know from the comfort and privacy of your own home. And if you prefer to read the System also comes with a 128 page PDF manual that covers all the same information as the audios.

What The System Is NOT:

Now, before we go any further, it’s important for me to be 100% upfront and honest with you.

This is definitely NOT some kind of weird “hypnosis” thing or “magic pill” solution that makes you confident while you sleep. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this is not for you. You will have to practice these techniques in the real world to get real results. (In my experience, if something sounds too good to be true like “Overnight 6 Pack Abs!” then it probably is.)

But if you want the real answer to overcoming your shyness or social anxiety using the latest cutting edge science and psychology techniques…

If you want proven advice that is specifically designed for your exact problems (like not being able to think of what to say to people)

Then “The Shyness and Social Anxiety System” is not just A solution, it’s the ONLY solution for you.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll
Learn In My System:

  • How your parents or relatives accidentally reinforced your social anxiety at a young age. (This also explains why, even to this day, you still feel super-anxious around them when you are talking to someone you’re attracted to.) – pg. 17
  • How to literally “reprogram” your brain to stop feeling nervous around people. This simple strategy removes anxiety permanently because it pulls your anxiety out of your brain by the very roots like getting rid of a weed. (The best part is, it works BETTER, and is much safer, than any prescription drug.) -pg. 20
  • How to make confident steady EYE CONTACT without feeling uncomfortable. I’ll show you EXACTLY where you should look and for how long. (Mess this up and people will either think you’re weird/creepy or you have no self-confidence.) -pg. 25
  • Have you ever seen someone you know walking towards you and gotten the sudden urge to cross the street or avoid them? Learn what this means about you on… -pg. 26
  • ALCOHOL AND DRUGS. Traditional psychiatrists tell you to avoid them at all costs. I’ll show you the little-known strategy that lets you use them to give yourself a strong natural confidence that lasts even after you sober up! – pg. 28
  • A world-famous doctor’s secret mental trick to gain social skills and experience in the comfort of your own home by yourself. (Once you know this, your social fears will start to disappear without you talking to a single person!) – pg. 32
  • Why “facing your fears” can sometimes hurt you more than help you. (In fact, the less you face these types of situations, the more confident you’ll become.) – pg. 33
  • How to use the secrets of “psychological conditioning” to rapidly become more outgoing in the shortest time possible, even if you’ve always had problems motivating yourself to do anything outside the house. – pg. 37
  • 1 simple, easy adjustment in how you breath that instantly makes you stop feeling nervous. (Imagine being able to go from tense and anxious to totally relaxed and at ease within a few moments anytime you want.) – pg. 40
  • COLD HANDS – Why do socially anxious people get them even in summer? (And how to make your hands feel normal in 30 seconds or less…) – pg. 41
  • Do you hate how your voice sounds? Learn the secret technique developed by the founder of the National Hospital of Speech Disorders to get rid of inner tension and unnaturalness instantly. Which will give you a confident, flowing voice that people will love to hear. – pg. 45
  • The big secret no psychology book can ever tell you about having friends and making people WANT to be around you. This makes people want to be real friends with you, instead of just work buddies or classmates. – pg. 60
  • A breakthrough exercise developed by a famous plastic surgeon to “trick” yourself into thinking you’re good looking, so that you never feel self conscious and everything you do shows effortless confidence. (Ever seen a really ugly or fat person able to be confident easily? This is how they do it.) – pg. 63
  • The #1 thing that exposes your lack of friends and social life to others. This instantly makes people look down on you and decide you aren’t worth their time. Here’s how to hide it. – pg. 67
  • Can self help advice actually LOWER your self esteem and confidence? This shocking study done by a Harvard psychologist reveals what common “positive thinking” tip you absolutely MUST avoid. – pg. 74
  • Do you constantly look in mirrors or windows? If you are always trying to check your reflection, especially when you go out in public, then you’ll learn what this says about you on… – pg. 82
  • A simple, 6-part mini course that takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to develop unbreakable self esteem… even if you’ve always been haunted by feelings of insecurity or inferiority. (Once you learn my proven method, you’ll never feel intimidated or sensitive to the words of people who are more confident, attractive or successful than you.) – pg. 84
  • AVOID these 7 subtle body language mistakes that make you look self conscious and weird. Stop doing just a couple of these and you will finally stop feeling embarrassed by the way you look, act and sound in photos and home videos. -pg. 92
  • 5 secret acting techniques that will let you easily express your personality in a way that is spontaneous and interesting. If you’ve ever felt like you’re too serious or boring, or that you just don’t have interesting enough things to say, then these techniques are exactly what you need. (People will finally enjoy talking to you and make an effort to get to know you, instead of running off to more popular people.) – pg. 93
  • How to think of the perfect thing to say in conversations as you are talking to someone, instead of hours later when it’s way too late! – pg. 95
  • Do you daydream, think a lot or live inside your head? Then you need to read this… – pg. 103
  • An ancient Buddhist technique (now being studied by modern science) for becoming absolutely calm and in control at any moment. You can use this 3 second tip whenever you start to feel anxious, overwhelmed, uncomfortable or worried. – pg. 108
  • The 2-step plan to become more outgoing and even start dating WITHOUT your old friends and family noticing and making you feel embarrassed for it! – pg. 111
  • What to say when someone tells you “you’re shy” or “you’re quiet” or “you don’t talk much.” (Handle this awkward situation wrong and you’re dust. Here’s how to get the attention off of you and make everyone believe it was a joke at the same time! I love this one…) – pg. 112
  • Why you may be afraid to wear stylish or different clothes. What this means and how to overcome it. – pg. 112

What Experts Are Saying:

aziz gazipura
Dr. Aziz Gazipura
Clinical Psychologist, PhD from Stanford
"You are doing powerful work..."

Thanks for your ongoing support in helping me reach more people. You are doing powerful work in the world that is greatly needed. Keep doing what you're doing and keep being you!

Judi Garland, Psy. D
Judi Garland, Psy. D
Clinical Psychologist in Massachusetts
"On target as well as comprehensive..."

Thanks for doing a great job with the program! I am a therapist, and I’ve seen other social anxiety therapies, and I think you are much more on target as well as comprehensive.

dr todd snyder
Dr. Todd Snyder
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Chicago
"Straight to the point and focused..."

As a clinical psychologist specializing in social anxiety and self-help systems, I was amazed at how well Sean has distilled many of the principles that can actually make a difference for those of us who battle social anxiety. Sean's information is straight to the point and focused on some of the most critical skills for managing shyness and anxiety.

Eduard Ezeanu
Eduard Ezeanu
Professional Communication Coach For 9 Years
"He grasped how to beat it..."

As a former shy, 'invisible' guy myself, I find something fascinating in what Sean teaches in this ebook because you can tell he's been through it, he knows personally what it's like to have shyness and social anxiety, and he grasped how to beat it. The Shyness and Social Anxiety System got me realizing things I wasn't aware of about overcoming shyness.

steven handel
Steven Handel
Psychology Journalist, 300+ Articles Written
"The techniques shared in SSAS work..."

As someone who has read and studied a lot of different systems in psychology and personal development over the past half decade, I can attest that the techniques shared in SSAS work. Sean Cooper clearly understand the factors that influence our thoughts and behaviors, and how we can change these aspects of ourselves to build a more successful social life.

(All of these quotes are 100% real, you can even search their names on Google to see that they’re real people.)

If you’re looking for the most effective way to get rid of social anxiety on the planet, then you’ve probably already figured out that “The Shyness & Social Anxiety System” is your answer.

“How Much Does It Cost?”

Now, you may be concerned that this totally one-of-a-kind system will cost you quite a bit.

And in all honesty, it really should.

Considering that the System originally took months to research, and that I’ve spent the last 5 years of my life teaching and refining these techniques to help thousands of people produce rapid personal changes in themselves… and considering that you’d usually have to pay a therapist over $150/hour to learn a small fraction of what I share.

Yet I only felt right making this affordable for every person who wants to eliminate social anxiety, so don’t worry. I’ll get to the price in just a minute.

Along with the main System, you’ll also be getting some free bonuses for watching to the end of this presentation.

The first bonus is a report called “How To Always Know What To Say Next.”

In this report I’ll show you what people usually talk about to have interesting conversations. Whenever you don’t know what to say next, just use the simple 3 step “Conversation Threading” technique on page 7. This will make worrying about running out of things to say a thing of the past, even if you don’t have an interesting life or hobbies to talk about. In fact, on page 10 I’ll show you the 4 letter word I use to guarantee my mind never goes blank when talking! This bonus value at 24.95 is yours free when you order today.

The second bonus is a report called “Social Circle From Scratch.”

In this report, I’ll tell you the secrets you may not have learned growing up about what to say to make friends and how to have an impressive social life, even if you’re starting with 0 friends. You’ll discover why people don’t contact you to invite you out, and what to do about it. I’ll show you EXACT word-for-word scripts for what a naturally social person would say when sending a text message to a friend or starting a conversation. This will allow you to come across as someone who is already social.

You can think of this as your guidebook for the “unwritten rules” of the social world. I’ll tell you what to say and how to deal with a lot of very specific social situations.

For example, you’ll see how to answer common questions like “What’s up” or “How’s it going?” easily and naturally, including how to respond when someone asks you “what are you up to this weekend?” or “what did you do last night?” without coming across as boring or antisocial.

This bonus valued at $29.95 is also your free today.

I’ve also managed to convince 2 other leading coaches to contribute their best ideas to this package in two additional short reports.

These are called “7 Conversation Secrets” and “10 Keys to Stop Feeling Anxious and Nervous.” This means you’ll get 2 expert perspectives on these issues from guys with years of experience personally coaching people with your specific problems. Both of these additional reports could easily be sold for $34.95 each, but you’ll get them free today with your purchase of the System.

And the final bonus is my favorite:

When you invest today, I’m going to give you a 14-day FREE trial to my “Social Immersion Weekly Training Program.”

This 6 month program will give you new advanced lessons from me to really speed up your transformation. You’ll hear exclusive interviews with other experts about social anxiety, conversations, dating, etc… As part of this offer I’ll let you test drive this program completely free for 14 days. If you’re smart, keep it and remain automatically subscribed at a monthly rate of $37. But if you find the Social Immersion Program isn’t for you, then just send my team an email, and we’ll cancel it before you’re charged a penny.

So you get all these bonuses along with my Core System, making this the most complete system for overcoming social anxiety on the planet.

shyness and social anxiety system

At this point you’re probably wondering how much a system like this is going to cost.

Well let me ask you:

  • How much is it worth to finally have your social anxiety and loneliness behind you?
  • How much is it worth to finally start living that way you see other “normal” people do?
  • How much is it worth to get rid of the one thing that’s holding you back most from the social life, romantic relationship and career success that you want?

I think we can both agree that if there was a program that GUARANTEED to do this for you, then it would make sense to pay almost anything.

I knew that if I charged $300 or $200 for my System, there would be plenty of people who would be willing to invest. After all, many people spend MUCH more than that for a few pills or couple hours of therapy or coaching for this problem. Yet I wanted to make this affordable to anyone who is suffering from social anxiety, and I know I would have never been able to afford $300 back then.

So then, how much?



This is crazy, there is probably nobody else in the world with the amount of knowledge about social anxiety that I have… that has also struggled with this issue personally. It’s no exaggeration to say the information inside my System is something you can’t find anywhere else.

Why My SYSTEM Is So Cheap…

There’s simply no escaping the conclusion: Doing what you’ve always done simply isn’t good enough.

If you continue down your current path, you’ll make little or no progress and you’ll lose your most precious resource, which is TIME.

There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t wish I could go back and relive the past 5 or 10 years, knowing what I know now, instead of wasting them hiding from people and being lonely. I bet you feel the same way about the past 2, 3, 5 or more years, however long you’ve had social anxiety.

Do you really want to be sitting in front of your computer like you are now in 3, 5 or 10 years, still having the same feelings of regret? Still feeling the pain of missing out on fun friendships and connected romantic relationships?

I know how much that hurts, and that’s just not what I want for you!

That’s why I want to offer you the easiest decision you’ll make all year, deal?

There’s 2 reasons I’m able to offer a MASSIVE discount on my System today to you.

First of all, since I’m able to deliver my system through the internet, that means there’s no printing, handling or shipping charges…

And second, I’m still trying to get the word out to everyone in the world who has social anxiety, so the more people I can get to sign up now, the more feedback, testimonials and buzz I’ll get about my System, which means more people coming to my website in the long run.

That’s why you won’t be paying the regular retail price of $97 for my System and all the bonuses. As ridiculous as it sounds, you won’t even pay $75. Your total investment today for “The Shyness & Social Anxiety System” with all the bonuses you now see on your screen.

Is just $47.

Just click this big Add to Cart button to get started right away.

Don’t decide now.
Take advantage of my
“Triple Guarantee”

I want you to TRY the System ON ME for a full 60 days.

If this System doesn’t help you in eliminating social anxiety in 60 days… or if the techniques don’t produce quick and life-changing results in your own life… OR even if you don’t like the way that I teach or the colors in the reports! It doesn’t matter…

I’ll refund 100% of your money, with no questions asked and no hard feelings.

The reason I can offer this STRONG of a guarantee is simple: over 95% of my clients are totally satisfied with their investment, and only a small % of people find that the System isn’t right for them.

And honestly, if I don’t help you get the confidence, friends or romance that you want, then believe I don’t DESERVE to keep your money. (I also know that most people are generally honest, and you wouldn’t try to take advantage of my guarantee unless you were truly unsatisfied.)

Don’t you wish everyone believed in their product enough to offer this type of guarantee?

So click on the “Add To Cart” button below this video now to invest in the System risk free.

Just look at what former
shy and socially anxious people
are saying:

(By the way, all the feedback and emails I’m gonna share with you are 100% real. They have to be, or else a government agency could sue me.)

Matt, 24
Matt, 24
Novorossiysk Russia
“I became more confident – that’s for sure...”

I’ve always had lots of problems communicating with strangers. My confidence was at a very low level. I always thought what some random people will think about me. I had problems with girls(which I still have, but not as much as before).

Now I’ve made a lot of progress. I stopped caring what others will think, not in every situation of course (like considering running naked down the street).

I became more confident – that’s for sure. I’ve got me a few dates, well they weren’t really successful, but still the fact that I got them was encouraging. Your advices along with your understanding attitude were useful.

Anna, 17
Anna, 17
Middlesbrough, England
“I can start conversations with people I never would have before...”

My biggest problems before were not knowing what to say to people and being too self conscious. When I first saw your system, I was worried that it wouldn’t work and I didn’t want to waste money.

Since reading your information, I’ve started improving my conversation skills and being more spontaneous. I can start conversations with people I never would have before (people more popular than me, etc). I have more confidence and am revealing myself more to people.

Shane Normand, 38
Shane Normand, 38
Fort Worth Texas
“Shy all my life… getting better now...”

My problem was being shy all my life. I was afraid to talk to people and felt uncomfortable all the time. I am now attempting to make conversations with as many people possible. Sometimes i feel like i have the motivation and sometimes i dont. But i am getting better now over time.

Cristal, 21
Cristal, 21
Hollister, California
“Now I enjoy talking to people...”

Before i was really awkward about talking to people and especially with making eye contact. i really hated doing it.

After reading your information i began to see a difference in how i acted. now i want to and enjoy talking to people. i love the website and the fact that i get email alerts when you post a new article

Lauren, 22
Lauren, 22
Edmond Oklahoma
"I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with social anxiety..."

I am a college student studying engineering. It requires a lot of teamwork and working with other people. I noticed that people began to stay away from me. I didn’t really talk to anyone and I knew I was abnormally quiet.

There was a night that I looked around at the other students working. Everyone was paired up and in groups, figuring the homework out. I waited for someone to come up to me. No one did. My heart felt so heavy. I went to my car and cried. I’ve felt loneliness before, but it’s never hurt like it did that time.

On several times I would be in the cafeteria and see other engineering students sitting in there. I hid from them. I was afraid that if I sat with them, I wouldn’t have anything to say.

Your system was the first one that I could completely relate to. I bought it as soon as I heard about it. When you spoke of your past experience with social anxiety, it might as well have been me speaking. It rang true and I couldn’t ignore that.

I think the system is great. It’s a fast read, the ideas and techniques are actually helpful, and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with social anxiety.

The technique that I use the most from your system now is "Conversation Threading." I just didn’t realize that I really did have plenty to say. For example, when I was working on a lab with an assigned partner. We slowly, but surely became friends after that.

John Kaye, 64
John Kaye, 64
(No Photo Provided)
"The section on how to have a conversation was the best part..."

Consider this to be a cautionary story from a 64 year old. Growing up, high school was a horror show but I managed to graduate, barely. My parents always wondered why I spent so much time “hibernating” in my room. As a teenager and adult I was not able to sit in a fast food restaurant and always ate in my car. I had panic attacks in shopping malls and did not go out very often.

Luckily I have some artistic skills and found work as a stained glass artist and photographer. I was able to go from job to job based on recommendations and have never formally had a job interview. Up until 50 years old I knew something was wrong with me but did not know what it was. I was different from many other people and wondered why I couldn’t socialize.

It was about this time that I purchased Sean’s Shyness and Social Anxiety Program. It helped a lot. Sean described what I went through very accurately. His section on how to have a conversation was the best part. At age 63, for the first time in my life, I went to someone’s house to meet socially with a group of people. Sean’s advice on how to converse worked great!

If you are younger please do not wind up like me. Buy Sean’s course and apply what he teaches. I wish his course existed when I was in my 20′s. Your social contacts will approve and probably your income. Especially with social networking it is not what you know, it is who you know. I believe, as Sean does, that Social Anxiety can be overcome.

The younger you start to overcome it the better. In my case I had 50 years of conditioning to overcome. Thank you Sean, it is a great comfort that someone else experienced the same symptoms as me, overcame them and created a product to help other people.

Tammy, 28
Tammy, 28
Sydney, Australia
"Seemed like a scam..."

The website looked a little dodgy. There is so many sites in the similar style. I always avoid them. When I went to buy it from my computer the pages you had to keep clicking through, and I worried it seemed like a scam. I only continued with the purchase because a friend had bought it already and said it was good.

The system is great and the cost is good too! I have been practicing your techniques and have had a number of pleasant conversations already because of this.

Ask T. Borgen, 25
Ask T. Borgen, 25
Kongsberg, Norway
"Got the job in my last job interview..."

I used to be very shy around other people, even people I had known for a long time. It was hurting my career, as a musician.

I have only used your information for a short time, but I already notice I am more confident now. One specific situation was that I got the job in my last job interview, cause I was able to be more calm and confident.

Andre Paulson, 24
Andre Paulson, 24
Geithus, Norway
"I had mostly given up... I'm now much more spontaneous when around others..."

I had mostly given up in attaining any relationship with anyone but my close family. I felt satisfied with the idea of going to work and being alone the rest of the day, doing my own things.

I took a good while to get persuaded to buy your product, with so many people looking for ways to make easy money. It becomes easy to disregard the opinions and information available on the net but I eventually decided you were really speaking from experience and that you had the passion to help others.

I've gained knowledge that really helps me understand my brain and how it seems to work against itself whenever I feel socially anxious. This knowledge is important as it gives me a general sense of understanding and well-being.

I'm now much more spontaneous when around others, I comment and talk to strangers, hop in on conversations and feel more interested in getting to know people. Specifically, I remember when our family were on a little road trip. As the car stopped at a gas station I quickly got greeted by a stranger who took a liking to my beard, I felt oddly calm and responded to him in kind, we probably talked for 30-40 minutes straight about all sorts of things. Whilst he did initiate, I never did shy away from the conversation, feeling pretty good about that.

I like your Youtube videos for reaching out and advertising your existence but you may want to tone down the amount of e-mails you send out. I like when you offer new information or share stories but sometimes I feel like you're selling yourself to me when I've already bought into it.

It may also be helpful to look into and perhaps highlight possibilities that an individual can have Autism or Asperger's Syndrome which may well be increasing the struggles to fit in socially.

Michael Koestler
Michael Koestler
Chicago, USA
"We spent the whole night dancing and kissing..."

I was having trouble making friends. My anxiety was never severe to the point of not being able to leave my house, but it still prevented me from forming friendships and relationships with women. Most of my social connections were through my brother and I wanted more independence so that I didn't have to play second fiddle.

Purchased the program the night I found it. It definitely helped me, though you sometimes complain about your parents too much in it.

I made a new male friend at a bar by my place. We went skateboarding downtown together the next day and kept in touch for another couple of weeks until he moved away for his job. I have also begun meeting girls at bars and online. I met up with one girl I met online and we spent the whole night dancing and kissing, things I've really never been able to do before.

Brent, 24
Brent, 24
Wadena, MN
"Getting help from someone who lived through social anxiety made a HUGE difference..."

I had paralyzing social anxiety that prevented me from nearly all (public, at least) social contact.

I was skeptical at first simply because it seemed too good to be true. I needed the problem to improve so I took the risk as soon as I was able.

I'm not paralyzed in fear to enter social situations anymore. I know that I appear much more calm than I did - my doctor mentioned how huge of a difference there was between the session before I started the program and the next session (when I was pretty far in the program). I'm extremely grateful for how much you helped me.

Just thank you again for all the help you provided with this program. I'm sure many, many people will have their lives improved from this program. Getting help with social anxiety from someone who lived through it themselves made a HUGE difference.

You do come off slightly abrasive to someone who is looking to be with one person my whole life. Felt like you feel being with multiple people romantically/sexually is the "right" thing to do. Some people (myself included) disagree.

Ingeborg P.
Ingeborg P.
"My friends asked me how the heck I managed to look so relaxed up there..."

I was always seen as The Shy Girl, who got questions like "You don't talk much do you? It's easy, just say something random." But it was hard. And in the end I got sick of listening to others having fun chatting in a group of friends, whilst I sat there nervously laughing every now and then. It made my self-esteem even worse.

I believed people would not accept the real me, including all the "flaws" that I consist of. Surprisingly, it turned out that the root of my problem was believing that I was not good enough. Resulting in quietness around new people, struggled to hold eye contact with guys I found attractive, teachers constantly telling me to speak up and awkward silence during presentations when my mind suddenly went blank.

I actually knew about your system for half a year before doing anything about it. I guess I did not buy it sooner because of laziness (that it had not gotten bad enough) and that it kind of seemed silly to buy a self-help book for my shyness when there are so many people in this world with so much larger issues. Did not realise until after how badly it messed up my life.

I like how straight forward and precise your system is. I am definitely more comfortable with myself now. Of course, there are still situations where I don't know what to say, but my comfort zone is gradually being pushed 🙂

In fact, just yesterday I told a friend about something that had been troubling me for a long time. We are quite close friends now, and I did not even know her before buying The System!

In addition to that, I am proud to say that I have been on my first date ever. The conversation did not flow perfectly, I was terribly nervous and it did not end with a magical kiss. Nevertheless, those are mere details considering that I had trouble saying anything at all to an attractive guy in the past. So proud 🙂

School is also an area I've changed. Presentations have become a whole lot easier, using your anxiety reducing techniques to eventually make my voice come out louder and clearer. During my last presentation I even made my classmates laugh by cracking some jokes, and my friends asked me how the heck I managed to look so relaxed up there. Thank you, Sean! 😀

I'd like to say that you, Sean Cooper, are my role model. It's hard to imagine how many and how terrifying exposures you have gone through to get where you are now. I truly admire your willpower to overcome your anxiety. Hope you realise how grateful people across the globe are for the information being shared with us, so we don't have to figure it out the way you did. Thank you for changing my life as well.

Jerry, 27
Jerry, 27
Sparta, Greece
"It's helping me to change my thinking bit by bit..."

I was very quiet around everyone, including my family. I rarely ever went out and always thought something was wrong with me, until I read the Shyness and Social Anxiety System. Then I finally knew why I acted and thought the way I did.

I literally bought it around an hour after I found out about it. Pretty much had everything I could ask for knowledge on.

It's helped me become a little less shy, though it's still a work in progress with a long way to go. It's helping me to change my thinking bit by bit, and helping me to see that people aren't as scary or as judgmental as I thought. Now I'm more comfortable with holding eye contact with most people.

If you want to get similar results…

Improved conversation skills and a calm confidence that will help you in your social life, dating life and career, then click the button below. And you can begin your journey right from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Just remember: life is short, and you’ve been struggling with your social anxiety for far too long. Anything you’ve tried up until now has not worked, and now you know the real reasons why. Continuing on this path will just lead to even more frustration and helplessness as the months pass by and your social anxiety gets worse.

This will continue to be the major problem in your life for years to come, negatively affecting almost every area of your life.

From your friendships and relationships (or lack of them)…

To your academic or financial success (With networking, teamwork and communication skills more important to employers than ever)…

Even down to your health. In fact, a study by the University of Michigan said:

“Scientists have long noted an association between social relationships and health. More socially isolated or less socially integrated individuals are less healthy, psychologically and physically, and more likely to die.”

Yet all of this can be avoided by using the proven advice and techniques found in my step by step system that is based on real scientific research.

Imagine the moment you step onto the path of your ideal life…

You’re finally on your way to being free of all the insecurities, nervousness and lack of confidence that you’ve been struggling with for so long… You can see yourself feeling relaxed in conversations because you no longer run out of things to say or get a blank mind… You have a more interesting and outgoing life with friends that give you a feeling of connection, belonging and acceptance… Instead of avoiding people and feeling trapped and choked in social situations, you feel free to speak up without fear…

And people love “the new you.”

You can finally get that girlfriend or boyfriend you’ve wanted for so long because you no longer feel painfully awkward or nervous talking to someone you like.

You are finally getting what you truly deserve out of life.

It’s true: shyness or social anxiety up until today has been no fault of your own. Nobody has ever given you specific and exact instructions for what to do to eliminate your problem. All the advice you may have read has been unhelpful self help garbage because it was created by people who never truly experienced shyness or social anxiety, so they don’t know how hard it can be to do something so simple as pick up the phone.

Well, now I’m showing you a new path, and it’s time for you to take the first step. This is your day to start getting results, using a system that simply works.

Remember, unlike any other so-called “treatment” for social anxiety, my system is 100% guaranteed. You have 60 days to TRY “The Shyness & Social Anxiety System” on me risk free – and either you’re totally satisfied with the mind-blowing insights and practical advice inside… or you pay nothing.

PLUS if you ever have any questions or comments… Feel free to contact me and either myself or one of my support staff will answer your question.

Life is all about choices.
And right now you have 2 options:

1) You can continue to live the same way I used to live: Wasting whatever youth you have left feeling like life is passing you by…


2) You can try my system, apply my strategies and live the life you want to live.

A wise man once said everything in life is the direct result of choices that we make and don’t make.

I think the choices that we don’t make are the ones that really matter. I don’t think you ever hear anybody sitting in a nursing home at 80 years old talking about the mistakes of the things they did do in their life…

It’s always the regrets of the things they DIDN’T DO that sadden and depress people in their old age.

Are you ready?

Are you going to regret later that you didn’t take action?

That you didn’t take the chance and roll the dice?

Maybe you didn’t discover this website by accident. Maybe this is God or the universe sending you a life jacket because you’re drowning in shyness or social anxiety.

So come on, this is your opportunity to make something new happen in your life.

Be proactive and take action.

Am I pushing you? You bet. I’m going to push you because I know this 47 bucks doesn’t matter to you one way or another…

A recent study showed the average American worker throws away $91 every month on fancy coffee. 47 bucks doesn’t matter to anyone in the long run.

What does matter is that you make things right in your life…

That you become the person you want to be…

That you make this one life you have enjoyable, interesting and fulfilling…

So click the button below to get started today…

And I’ll see you on the other side.

Whatever your decision, I sincerely wish you the best with your life. And at the very least I hope you’ve gotten the message that you are not alone with your problems. I’ve been there too, and so have literally thousands of my past students.

Make your choice now. You are free to say yes or no, just realize that by saying “no” you are also making a decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. “How do I know if this is real and will work for me?”

This is a smart question to have. Whenever I buy things online I’m always highly skeptical myself.

But think about it: I’ve been running my website on social anxiety since 2011. It would make no sense for me to try to rip anyone off… reputation spreads fast on the internet. That’s why my long term goal is to help you achieve your goals. Otherwise I’d be out of business in a week.

2. “I’m not sure if I can overcome my social anxiety because I’m ugly or unattractive.”

This question is more common than you would think. Many people with social anxiety think they have some flaw in their appearance that’s causing your lack of confidence. In fact, for many years I was so insecure about my slightly crooked teeth thatI was afraid to even open my mouth or smile.

But think about it this way: Haven’t you ever seen a fat and unattractive person able to be confident? Of course, and it’s because social anxiety is all in your inner psychology.

So while I can’t promise you’ll have the opposite sex ripping your clothes off, I can guarantee that no matter what you look like you can overcome your social anxiety using my system.

3. “How do Iknow I’ll actually get a refund if I want one?”

Well, the truth is that I really couldn’t stop you from getting a refund if I wanted to.

See, I use a multi-million dollar company called Clickbank to process credit card payments. And they have their own support team you can always contact directly by going to, it’s their policy to always give a refund to anyone who asks.

That being said, I’ve NEVER refused to give a refund to anyone for any reason. I just don’t think it’s a good way to do business since word spreads fast on the internet so I want to keep a good reputation.

I’d rather simply deliver the best quality program I can so that you can be totally satisfied with your purchase, this allows me to have a long term sustainable business.

4. “Are all the customer reviews you’ve shown me actually real?”

I can understand being skeptical about testimonials on the internet. But yes, they are all real people who bought my program and emailed me their honest feedback. I have kept their emails on file in case a government agency ever asks me this question.

When you click the “Add to Cart” button below, you’ll see actual screenshots of emails I’ve received from happy past customers on the next page.


In summary, this system will allow you to:

  • talk in conversations without ever running out of things to say,
  • help you stop feeling quiet, nervous and awkward around people,
  • and get the interesting life, friends or romantic relationship that you want… the things which you know would finally make you happy.

Click here to add to cart and get started.